Von Ripper ad by Conan Hollander

Von Ripper is still alive

von ripper promo ©ConanHollander
He is the guy that just had to be late on judgement day, instead of dying like the rest of us, he is still alive and tripping on earth.. or whatever’s left of it..

Surrounded by the destruction of civilization and cursed by unnatural bad luck, he would rather be dead and chilling in heaven like the rest of us, but instead he is roaming the wasteland of broken dreams and molten memorabilia singing till the sun goes down, slowly but steadily losing his sanity like a real champ..

He is Blitzfried Falkennagel von Ripper and he is about to go missing in action.
Wait.. was that supposed to say “blasting into action”? whatever, it’s Crap but it’s Cheap crap, and that’s what makes it special.

A story born in the 80’s and 90’s full of nostalgia, humour, imagination, singing and debree. Coming soon!

Note: “This title contains violence and adult themes.”

Von Ripper is still alive

Von Ripper is still alive