What can we do for you?

We deliver custom work in any style with any technique for a reasonable price. Would you like to see your ideas come to life on paper? Or do you want to use an IP of ours? Then contact us or read on for more information on how we roll!
We deliver custom work in any style

Company personification: logo’s and mascottes

As an entrepreneur you have put a lot of thought in what you’re going to sell, and how to go about it. The next step is to give your product a face. This is where we come in. We can make your product recognizable for the audience you want to attract.

downtown ©ConanHollander

Information vs entertainment: custom comics

Comics can be used for different goals. From the basic form of an instruction manual or action board to a fun comic in your (company) magazine to send your message to the readers. Comics are our forte and we would love to make one for you.

Custom work

From character designs to complete concepts

If you are in need of graphic support for your comic, animation or game, we’re your men. From character- and backgrounddesigns to storytelling and everything in between. We can work with you as support on your project or create something new from the ground up, following any wishes you may have.

Character designs

With and in any style for any media you can come up with; we design the character and give him style and personality.

grey forest ©ConanHollander

rpg trademark promo original ©ConanHollander
Background designs

From low detail to very high detail from colourful and cheerful to dark and mysterious; we deliver the places worth visiting. From vast cities to dense forests we create a world in every drawing to give a feeling of immersion.

Custom work
Culture designs

Giving something style is one thing, creating culture is something bigger. Living in the Netherlands with its 189 cultures we have an infinite source of cultures and traditions which can be used in artwork in various ways. Having some culture in your comic doesn’t hurt anyone.. We love all cultures and unite them on paper for something special.

Coverart and artwork

Last but not least we absolutely deliver finely designed, handdrawn art to give your masterpieces the perfect cover they deserve. And not to forget your merchandise; we can create a series of artwork to dress your posters, T-shirts, key-chains and everything you can think of to match your message.

If it needs to be drawn, we can create it.

Here at RPG we like to be and deliver originality. We look towards what can be done instead of what has been done.. We make the new future instead of reliving the past.

It’s time for a new way of thinking, working and entertaining; the RPG way..