Meet our team:

Meet our team: Conan Hollander

CHB is the creative force in our company and the source of all our productions.

While sitting behind a Commodore as a three year old his fascination with videogames began. This fascination grew with the rise of manga animations. Before long he started to draw and write his own stories.

As a 16 year old his future was set and he never passed a day ever since without drawing and finally developed his own signature styles. With on one side the detailed, fine lined drawings with extraordinary colours, on the other side the expressive thick hard lines of black ink and a wide range of styles in between he is equipped to accomodate your every graphic need. ;)

Meet our team: Thais Massop

Thaïs has been reading till the midnight hours since she was a little girl. She soon developed an interest in drawing and writing her own stories.

She now picked up on both again aiding RPG where she can. Next to editing and producing, Thaïs is working on books of her own. Ofcourse these will be accompanied by the illustrations of Conan.